Company Startup in Romania

We are a trustworthy staff of professionals you can trust when it comes to register your startup in Romania!

Our Lawyers and Senior Accountants will provide you the best legal and administrative advices to help you start with your Business project the right way!
We know that deciding to register a startup abroad can be a little intimidating, and this is why we are so meticulous in any step of the Company Formation: customer listening, understanding and support is what sets us apart from the competition!
Your new Company startup will be ready to start in just THREE (3) working days, just following a few quick and simple steps!
We truly believe that our Startup Service is one of the most effective, cheap and fast you will find in the whole country!

Trust us to register your new Startup in Romania

customer listening, understanding and support is what sets us apart from the competition!



Our Company Startup Process: Step by Step!

Our first step will be to decide which kind of legal entity to setup, among the different types available, and then accordingly decide the schema of the company itself, setting up the Share Capital distribution, the Administrator and so on...

Setting up the Memorandum and Articles of Association is mandatory to point out the main Activity Code of the new Company, and following that will be possible to include a long list of alternative Activity Codes over the main one.

Our Lawyers will setup an accurate Article Of Association, according to romanian laws, and this fundamental document will be draw up in both languages, romanian and english, just to make possible for you to rewiev the Article of Association before starting the incorporation process

Together with all legal papers, the romanian law contemplate Notary Sworn Statements for foreign investors, which have to be made in front a Notary and a credited Sworn Translator. We will take care of that making an appointment with both, in a primary Notary Studio.

Any New Startup in Romania will be asked to provide a Legal Registered Address, and it have to be a real and effective address where Authorities can contact the Company sending postal mail, documents, communications and so on. Our Legal Firm can provide the facility to register a Virtual Office Address, which is the SMART way to provide a Legal Registered Address for your Company, saving time and money!

Once all the legal papers will be in place, signed by the share holders, we will take care of the company registration in the Chamber of Commerce. The whole process to have your Startup legally registereds will take three (3) working days!

In order to invoice within European Union, handling Vat in compliance with European Reverse Charge Regulation, companies have to register for European Vies! Our accountants will handle this for you, providing a valid Vies Registration Number usually within a week after company registration.

We will assist you, FREE OF CHARGE, to open the Company bank Accounts in one of the available Banks in Romania, which include national Banks, but also important Banks from other European Countries. Important to know that regardless of the Bank of your choice, you will be provided with all the modern facilities like multilingual Home Banking, Debit Cards and so on...