Professional Legal Consultancy for international firms

Our lawyers staff specialize in providing a professional preliminary legal consultancy, as well as cost-effective and professional corporate legal advice services to company owners/associates relocating their business in Romania. We will help you to "craft" your new company the way you like, preventing future legal problems, advising about which process will be best for you, according to your business specific structure/idea.
Partner with us and we will protect your new startup in Romania from risks, saving you money at the same time!

Regime fiscale competitivo

Preliminary Legal Consultancy

We provide a professional preliminary legal consultancy and advice, to help you setting up your new company registration in Romania the best possible way! In these perliminary steps, our lawyers will analyze your Business idea, will discuss with you about the most appropriate corporate structure, depending upon the complexity of your business project. Then, once completed the preliminary analysis, we will start elaborating all the legal papers, like Memorandum and Articles of Association, legal documents for the Bank and so on...

Legal advises on demand

Over the aforementioned preliminary consultancy, you may need more in-depth analysis, in order to handle complex operations, or you may need to be assisted in disputes, selling or acquiring shares, establishing Joint Ventuires, and maybe more... We will be here, available for you, to provide all the needed support to properly stay in control with any possible future scenario!



Due Diligence

Should you need (for any possible reason...) to start investigating something related to properties, documents and certificates, ownerships, mortgages verification, pending litigations, and so on, we will be happy to assist you, checking in deep the matter, and providing a detailed written report of the audits carried out.

Contracts (any type...)

When it comes the need to conclude a contract, any type of contract, you will need to be absolutely sure to be handling any single detail in the best possible way... Our law firm will be together with you to carefully assess any circumstance to guarantee your interests will be properly protected!



Dissolution, liquidation, mergers and acquisitions of companies

When complex situations arises,like liquidation, mergers, acquisitions of companies, commercial litigations, bankruptcy, insolvence and/or others, we will be available to help you protecting your rights, your money and your projects!

Trademarks and intellectual property rights

Registering a trademark and/or protecting your intellectual properties is always a delicate procedure, everywhere, and this is why it is advisable to always engage in these procedures relying on expert Lawyers wihich will find the best legal way to protect your brand and/or image from your unfair competitors!