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Easy Romania Company registration

We provide fast, cheap and professional legal services to assist anyone need to register a Company in Romania, covering any specific need, and delivering within just three (3) working days! In Srl Romania we aim to offer the best company startup services across the whole country, based upon a deep understanding of activities and legal requirements each single Customer may have, as we realize the importance to provide solid advice for anyone looking to relocate in Romania, a real "Tax Heaven" within the European Union!
What makes our company different from all others is that we can assit you over the startup process.... Our staff of Lawyers and Accountants will be ready to assist you anytime you will need a legal consultancy, and/or to handle the monthly accounting services you need to run your business!
We make Romania company formation very simple, as we handle ANY step of the Company incorporation process, including all the legal papers, Notary procedures, Bank Account registration, Company share capital deposit, Vies Registration and more!

There are NO citizenship limitations, nor Romanian residency is required in order to register a Limited Company in Romania.
We support international customers and we can handle any company schema, no matter the size!


Our Legal Firm is focused on Romania Company Formation by many years, and hundred customers choose us because we provide Experience and Expertise together with unparalled services built on trust!
Lawyers, Senior Accountants, qualified Consultants, Notaries... We are a CERTIFIED Team of professional STRONGLY committed to make your Business Idea a success!
Purchasing our "All Inclusive Package" we will make you feel comfortable, setting up everything in a few hours and delivering your ready to use Romanian based Company in just THREE (3) working days!


Over the standard Romania Company Registration service we can provide a wide range of professional services to help your startup to evolve
the best possible way... Check below!


In order to start the Company Formation process we need just a few things, listed below. There are NO restrictions to register a company in Romania, unless you have been prosecuted for criminal offense in Romania during last five (5) years.

Your Company Name

Please, provide at leat THREE (3) different Company Names, as requested by Authorities.

Main activity description

We need a short description about the main business purpose (main activity only...) of the Company.

Personal document copy

Please provide a clear scanned copy for each shareholder (Passport or National ID Card).

The Legal Registered Office

If you do not have one, you can apply to rent from us the virtual legal address you need.

Company Share Capital

Please, indicate the number of shareholders in your Compasny and the related Company Share Capital.

Administrator personal data

We need to knopw in advance who will be the Administrator of the Company and all his personal data.


Main benefits of running a Romanian Limited Company

Romania Company Registration is the most effective way to optmize your company revenues, as Romania today is the main "Tax Friendly" Country,
with the lowest Corporate Income Tax in Europe, pegged to a Flat 1% / 3%!
But, over the lowest taxes in Europe, there are several more benefits to consider whet it comes to decide to incorporate a Company in Romania...

Useful Romanian Business Links

We have listed below some usful links for businessmen willing to register a Limited Company in Romania...

Real customers reviews... dicono di noi i nostri Clienti?

Juast a few real reviews from customers wich decided to register a company in Romania with us...

  • Robert have been so professional and accurate in his preliminary consulting talks, and the company setup process was really easy and fast. Really happy!


    E-commerce owner

  • Top company, smart people! Professional preliminary advise, outstanding offices in Timisoara Center, nice and friendly professionals... Great job!

  • It was much longer and harder to decide to make this step, then to really register my company... Thank you Robert for your accurate consulting, thank you Cristian for setting up everything so fast.


    Real Estate

  • I spoke with many advisors before deciding to register my company in Romania, but none of them compare with SrlRomania! A great staff to trust 100%!


    Internet Marketing Consultant