Tailored Accounting Services, Bookkeeping and Tax Advice

Our team of Senior and Junior Consultants are perfectly suited to support any Business Company in Romania, regardless of the company size, providing tailored accounting services with expertise and accuracy, because we fully understand how important is for foreign companies to
handle taxes in Romania and to stay protected and safe from any related risk!
Our mission is to be strongly committed provide you the highest standards, working in partnership with you, and always supporting you interests first!
We know that financial clarity gives you peace of mind, making possible for you to focus on your Business Tasks only... And we work hard for that!

Regarding our fees we guarantee we will be flexible and transparent with you, providing a dedicate Accountant for your Comnpany and professionally handling a wide range of services and tasks for your Business.

Regime fiscale competitivo

Main Accounting services we provide

Below we list is a simplified outline of the main accounting services we can offer, but, lets point we can provide any other accounting service not listed here.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax calculation and settlements with the tax authorities
  • Preparation and submission of tax declarations
  • Payroll services processing
  • Annual financial statements
  • Handling queries from the authorities
  • Balance sheet review
  • Financial statements
  • Consolidation services
  • Cash flow, budget

Go for professional accounting services only...

When it comes to start doing business abroad, in a new country, with different laws and rules, you need to rely on a totally committed "Business Partner", a professional Senior Accountant you can totally trust, because you will be able to mantain and grow your business depending on the skill, the experience and the loyalty of your Romanian Accounting Service Provider!
Our promise to you is that our qualified Accounting Staff will work with you in a friendly and professional manner, securing Top Level accounting services by keeping your startup in Romania always safe and healty!

professional accounting services

Paayroll Services

You need Payroll Services?

In the event your company employ employees, not matter if one or one hundred, you will need to administrate payrolls, a crucial process which imply a deep knowledge of romanian taxation legislation...
Our experienced Accountant Team will provide a comprehensive and reliable payroll service ensuring that each of your employees will be paid on time, with the right amount, and, most important, strictly respecting laws on contributions taxes!
Outsourcing the Payroll Services of your company with us you will make you feel relaxed and stress free!

Fair Accounting Services Fees

The most common question we receive from our new customers is: Are you cheap? How much will you charge for your accounting services?
We answer, smiling: "we guarantee FAIR Fees..."
In Romania, but everywhere in the world also, Accounting Services are charged by time,. and each single Company may require different amount of time and efforts to prepare registry filing, tax return, payrolls, exemptions, Vat calculation, expenses, capital gains, and much much more issues...
Because of that our FAIR behavior is to schedule a meeting with our new customer to investiogate any single aspect of the future business activity in order
to provide a reasonable quote for our accounting services,
totally tailored on the customer real needs!
Remember what we wrote above? We are "Business Partner"!
So, do not worry, and be confident with us... We will provide a fair quote, to win your Business and your Partnership with us!

accounting fees

How works our service

Our accounting service works this way...

We have a very simple routine with our customers, which is always the same, no matter the size of company... Read the following points.

  • Every month you will send us by mail all your fiscal documents (invoices + expenses)
  • Monthly we will send you the invoice for our Accounting Service, to be paid via Home Banking
  • Quarterly we will prepare the Tax Returns, which will be sent you by mail
  • You will pay your taxes accordingly from your Home Banking Application
  • At the end of the year, we will file the Annual Financial Statement to be signed