Your Virtual Office Address for your new Company

Legal Firm in Romania have the facility to provide their Customers with a Virtual Office Address, which is the SMART way to provide a Legal Registered Address for your Company, saving time and money!

If you decide to register a Company in Romania, you will be asked to provide a Legal Registered Address, and it have to be a real and effective address where Authorities can contact your Company sending postal mail, documents, communications and so on.
You cannot setup a Company in Romania if you do not first provide a Legal Registered Address, and so, when it comes start incorporating your Company you will have two options only:
1) You can search and rent a real office, paying a monthly fee year over year...
2) You book our Virtual Office service to save time and BIG money!

Regime fiscale competitivo

Why should you book a virtual office?

Sono molte le aziende che in fase iniziale preferiscono contenere i costi, e l'affitto di una sede legale virtuale in questi casi è la soluzione perfetta!
Questi i principali vantaggi:

  • Instantly available!
  • No furnitures, NO utilities, NO mothly bills...
  • BIG Rental savings...

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